How to build a wooden fence

In light of all this, our advice is to opt for local woods, such as larch or, secondly, pine or fir if well treated.

Larch is a perfect wood to be used outdoors even without treatments , it has a warm color, withstands bad weather, and is easily available even after many years.

Alternatively, it is possible to use round or half-round fir or pine poles treated in an autoclave with vacuum pressure (the green ones to understand).

These piles, once treated, can also be buried (although in this case a further treatment with catramine or carbolineum is recommended).
Being poles made from a single trunk, however, they have cracks and splits which, while not compromising the stability of the structure, may not like it aesthetically.

In case you decide to use larch , unless you want to leave it raw, we suggest a treatment with protective oil for outdoor use .
The oil, unlike the impregnant which is a dry product, keeps the wood greasy and protects it from cracks and fissures.

A palisade can be built in many ways: with vertical boards, with horizontal boards, with diagonal round poles, with double diagonal round poles …

The only element that remains constant in all versions are the pillars which will be placed at a distance of about 150/200 cm from each other and which will act as support and anchor to the ground of the structure.

We suggest covering the top with special steel pole covers, in order to protect the most exposed part from the elements.

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