4 types of most common woods used for fencing


Fencing has become a great trend these days. It can completely change the outlook of your house by adding a regal look or adding aesthetics to it. Wood has become widely used for fencing due to its old look. There are different types of wood available having certain qualities to it. Before you start fencing, it is important that you search about what kinds of wood are used in fencing that can make it long lasting.To help you in this process, timber fences melbourne have suggested four types of the most common woods that are used for fencing. These are:

Cedar wood

Cedar wood is the most common use for fencing. As compared to other woods, it is long lasting and can easily fit your budget. It has a great number of qualities which makes it the number one qualifier. IT is weather resistant and has a lower tendency of getting rotted. If you are worried about insects eating up your fence, cedar wood got your back. It contains natural oils which creates a hurdle for insects. It’s light brown colour with red tint instantly catches your eye. Its minimal texture inspires you not to paint it. This preserves the natural beauty of the wood and also lets your pocket breath.

Cypress wood

Another common wood is the cypress. It is also an excellent choice for fencing due to its long lasting quality. It contains a chemical, cyprentine, which makes it a fighter for insects. Like cedar wood, it is also rot resistant. However, if you live where cypress trees are not so common, it can be a little costly. Its tan to red color gives it a beautiful hue. If you are thinking of painting your cypress fence, make sure it’s dried in a proper manner. If not done so, it can be distorted.


Despite being expensive among other options, this type of wood is used on a large scale level. Its quality, long lasting ability and the aesthetic appearance makes it an excellent choice. The ure redwood is of deep red color while the redwood of a lower quality can be lighter in shade. It is also rot resistant and keeps the insects away from it. When installing fences of redwood, it is important that you preserve this wood with a stain to prevent it from turning grey due to aging. Using a clear stain will help you keep the true beauty of the wood.


It is a type of pine wood. Spruce comes at a very affordable price. It is most famous and common for being your number one option in buying pocket friendly wood. Unlike other types of wood, spruce can get rotted. It needs to be maintained. It is often grainy and has discoloration. It’s prone to climate changes. With this choice. You will need to cover and seal it every two years to ensure its durability. Even then, it can survive for a good seven years and will have to be replaced eventually.

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