5 awesome DIY fences and fences to make with wood, metal or brick

Fencing a property is a necessity that becomes urgent when there are reasons of security or privacy , so in the vast majority of cases any garden or plot of land is always delimited in some way, even rudimentary, but if it is the areas that surround our homes it is likely that fences or fences are more massive, durable and capable of offering a minimum of shielding from the outside.

Depending on the needs, therefore, we may only need a simple fence or perhaps a higher and more compact fence, and although certainly turning to professionals to build walls or install railings is always a very valid option, sometimes we prefer to resort to less expensive solutions. , providing for fencing the garden with DIY techniques .

1. The simplest solution, to be used also to divide areas of the garden: the classic fence with pointed American-style poles, so that recycled wood (properly treated) such as pallets can also be recycled.

2. A more refined and modern design, but very simple: wooden planks are mounted on the iron supports, alternating them from side to side.

3. Any fence with simple shapes if painted black or dark colors immediately takes on a more modern and sophisticated look.

4. With thin planks on high and wide supports: it is an essential design but of great impact.

5. If you prefer to use wider wooden boards but also want the fence to have a refined look, mount them between dark metal supports as in this case, creating many panels to be placed side by side (and one of these will perhaps be the entrance gate ).

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